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After years of research about plants, seeds, genetics, and soil composition, the question remained:

“How can we feed humanity nutrient dense food sustainably while caring for the earth?”


With balanced fertile soil everyone benefits.

  • Healthier plants that produce more product in less time.

  • Farm to table produce that nourishes people.

  • Organic waste returns to the earth.


What is ReSoil?

ReSoil: Creating, and sustaining optimal soil conditions for long term global health.

We use organic waste that would otherwise go to landfills and turn it into extremely fertile soil.

With Resoil you can return abandoned and barren lands to yield and fertility.

Why ReSoil?

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the main indicator of global warming. CO2 levels have been increasing since the industrial revolution and are now reaching dangerous levels.


Resoil contains carbon in  high concentration. By incorporating carbon back into the soil, where it can remain for thousands of years, we achieve two goals: 

reducing greenhouse gasses and at the same time holding nutrients effectively in the soil leading to higher nutrient availability for plants that grow faster, and effectively absorb more CO2 in less time.

Global Warming and Carbon Sequestration

Global Warming




Fight Against Desertification and Land Degradation

According to UN data, up to now about a third of the world's fertile land has been lost.

All of humanity is facing a serious problem of land degradation, desertification, and the loss of fertile land for growing food

At ReSoil, it is our mission to reverse this trend and to revitalize and rehabilitate degraded and nutrient-poor soil into highly fertile soil.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of tons of food waste and organic matter are thrown away, creating a huge footprint from methane emissions and the use of landfills. 

ReSoil introduces a new way to process organic waste. Using municipal pruning and waste from food factories, slaughterhouses, and supermarkets, organic waste of all types can be harnessed to create ultra fertile soil and, thereby, reduce municipal and industrial ecological footprint.

  • Less waste in landfills

  • Less methane pollution

  • Potential to earn carbon credits

  • Partner with us to go green

Less Waste More Food


From Pollution to Food Production

The world population currently numbers 8 billion people, and is growing at an increasing rate. Nutritional requirements are increasing at the same time as agricultural areas are steadily decreasing.


ReSoil creates a sustainable solution to global food security by optimizing soil fertility, resulting in a significant increase of agricultural output from a given area.

Food Security


About ReSoil

At ReSoil, we are developing an innovative way to revitalize and rehabilitate degraded and nutrient-poor soil into highly fertile soil. This is great news for anyone growing food - from farms to urban gardens.


By analyzing the waste chain, we realize that multiple byproducts that currently contribute to global pollution can be reharnessed for good. 

From municipal plant trimmings to food waste, ReSoil's process produces soil with a very special structure and composition capable of holding extremely high carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium for many years. 

This in turn encourages flora and fauna to flourish and develop robust, healthy root networks leading to more healthy vegetation growth and less erosion without the need for extra fertilization or tillage.

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